Jim Junker

Jim Junker



I am an aquatic ecologist with interests in ecosystem, food web, and community ecology.


  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Food webs


  • PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2019

    Montana State University

  • MS in Ecology, 2011

    Montana State University

  • BS in Fish & Wildlife Ecology, 2007

    Northland College

Recent Publications

(2020). Thermal niche diversity and trophic redundancy drive neutral effects of warming on energy flux through a stream food web. Ecology.

(2019). DOM composition alters ecosystem function during microbial processing of isolated sources. Biogeochemistry.

(2018). Increased resource use efficiency amplifies positive response of aquatic primary production to experimental warming. Global change biology.

(2017). Experimental whole-stream warming alters community size structure. Global Change Biology.

(2017). Shifts in community size structure drive temperature invariance of secondary production in a stream-warming experiment. Ecology.